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It is my great pleasure to join you for the occasion of the greatest demonstration for the emancipation from racial discrimination in the history of our country.

Four and half decades ago, a king of Nepal announced ‘Civil Codes’ to end the racial discrimination prevailed in the society from the ages, established by the orthodox Hinduism. This momentous decree came as a hope of millions of so-called Depressed people who had been oppressed in the name of caste and had been seared in the flame of withering justice...

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I was born on 14 November 1962 as the youngest and 14th living son to father Singa Bahadur Bishwokarma and mother Fulmati Bishwokarma. I remember my parents 15th baby was born dead. Because of the age differences and being the youngest I was the dearest of and among all so that I must admit that my childhood days were quite easier than my brothers and sisters.
At the age of 9, I went to Mangalodaya Primary school, holding my mother's finger, for the first time.The date was 16 January 1972. I passed my School Leaving Certificate Examination (SLC) in the year 1981.Because of my age, I sometimes got double promoted.I then started teaching at Parbat districts Chuwa, Kharaiya and Kushma for one year.Later I had been expelled from Narayani MA.Vi.,kushma within merely 3 months of joining because of the caste based discrimination.

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